Bring Ideas To The Table, Solve Problems

Sales is quite easy, though most don’t make it out to be. At the end of the day, sales is about solving the customer’s problems and doing so by offering unique perspectives as to how to skin the cat.

More often than not, when a company calls a vendor, they don’t know what they want nor what they can get. Many small business owners answer the phone expecting the client to know exactly what they want.

Then, when the client doesn’t know how to exactly respond, they are often angered as to the lack of knowledge the individual has.

This is one way that you can separate yourself from the other vendors when selling a new customer. Walk them through the sale. Hold their hand; make their life easier.

Moreover, because the the client often doesn’t have an understanding of what they want that is at once comprehensive and impartially arrived at, offer creative solutions as to how to solve their problem.

Get this routine down pat and you can rest assured that you have a solid client for life.

It’s Simple – Customer Service Wins

Jack Welch put it perfectly by saying that people often make business more complex than it should be. Our economic system revolves around money passing from one set of hands to another.

There is no excuse as to why the entrepreneur should not always be giving updates to the client. When it comes to winning business, it is not always the most intelligent or biggest that wins, it is the one that shows the client that they care.

Welch said that if you are not speaking to your client, someone else is. Welcome interaction from your client. Make sure to email them daily with an update and keep all lines of communication open between both parties. The moment these lines close is the same moment that they’re writing your competition a check.