It is widely known that China has the leading emerging market not only for their locally made goods but also on the international world and E-commerce. The forecast shows that there is an increase in the Chinese economy , especially the E-commerce market surpasses that of the US in 2017.

International brands now see the Chinese market as an essential consumer market. This also adds up to why people buy and send goods to China. Most consumers in China prefer products from international brands which are not present in China, and this drives them towards online shopping. With this information, we can deduce that there is an increase in the number of online consumers. Research shows that one to eight goods consumed are ordered online.

With the increase in trustworthy shipping companies in China, shipping of goods to china has been less of a task. Nevertheless, you may encounter some challenges in doing this. Due to the increased population of the Chinese, one on one delivery of parcels becomes a task. Tracking parcels and delivering them to small towns and remote areas poses to be a huge task.

Factors To Note Before Selecting A Chinese Courier company

Before you decided to send packages to china (ส่ง พัสดุ ไป จีน, which is the term in Thai), there are certain things you need to note. If you decide to hire a door to door shopping company for your delivery, you need to have this in mind too.

  • Payment: Be sure of how much you can pay for the services. Your refund should not be more than the total price of the parcel you are sending
  • Monitoring .The company you choose for shipping your parcel should have an accurate tracking system for precise tracking of your package, and it’s a status update to reduce the risk of loss.

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