Analyze the office furniture needs of the company according to a multi-factorial logic. The first question to ask is, of course, how many workstations, and for which teams. Make sure you are future oriented, not just present.

So the question to be answered is not: how many places do we need today, but also in a year and two years?

The choice of premises and offices is often made over at least 2 years. This reflection is underpinned by a choice in terms of mobility to what extent do you want to apply the flex office (that is to say that part of your teams has no assigned position) vs. assigned positions?

  • Then comes the question of the mode of work. Do you want to promote work between divisions, therefore by project?
  • Or do you prefer to segment the spaces by function, without distancing them from each other in order to avoid the famous “silo” effect?
  • How many spaces do you want to devote to collaborative work (meetings included)?

Finally, in addition to segmentation by project or by pole, the space can also be divided according to themes, silent room, creative room, creative workshop room, rest room, dining room, etc.

This fundamental reflection must be carried out from the start, because the choice of furniture will follow naturally. Tag Office offers a planning consultancy service. An architect can, for example, suggest an arrangement of your spaces according to your needs, your technical constraints, the functions of your teams, etc. As you click here you can have a perfect solution for choosing the right furniture item.

The final phase of this reflection is part of space planning: who, where and in what form? People who need more storage and calm will have fixed positions, unlike open spaces which will be more populated by nomadic people or who do not necessarily need an Olympian calm. To help you with this reflection, imagine a typical day: who works with whom, under what circumstances, etc.

Office Pedestal

Nowadays, in order to obtain a modern design, offices are regularly devoid of drawers. An office box will allow you to bring (additional) storage space to your work area. Small in size, they adapt to the space available. You can place it next to or under the desk and even simply as storage space in your room!

Office Chair

Here is another essential item for your office to think about before buying it. Find the right balance between reasonable price and comfort for your office chair, always according to your needs.

Ergonomic office chair

Although more expensive, the ergonomic office chairs will bring you much more comfort thanks to numerous adjustments. You need to use armchairs that allow you to relax while keeping a seated position. This will also allow you to work longer. We therefore advise professionals to always opt for this type of office chair.

Office chair

As a result, office chairs have fewer settings but are not uncomfortable! Comfort is always there but to a lesser extent in the sense that you will not have one or more adjustments: adjustable armrests, headrest, lumbar support, castors,. However these are more than suitable for working a few hours (1h to 3h / day). In addition, this considerably reduces the price of the chair. Office chairs are therefore more suitable for individuals who do not have to sit for long hours to work.