There is a typically student-like next to the accommodation in a shared apartment. The spectrum is also large here. It ranges from the pure purpose flat share (because it is cheaper, we share the kitchen and bathroom) to the intimate community (cooking together and other activities). There are small shared apartments of two people, but also large with six people.

The long-running issue of living in a shared apartment is who feels responsible for the kitchen and bathroom and to what extent, whether wash schedules are followed and who has to fish whose hair from the shower cover. If you live with nice people, a shared apartment is a chance not only to have four walls, but also to have a community around you. If there is stress between people, living in a shared apartment can also be very nerve-wracking. Of course, there is no guarantee that it will work out, so you should look closely at how the people are with whom they will share the apartment. As you check this website you can get a lot of information regarding the offers that you get from Morton Place.

Tips for finding a flat share

Room to sublet

Not quite as common, but also an option: a room to sublet. An alternative for everyone who is too busy in a shared apartment, but who still wants to rent only one room and not an entire apartment. Classically, you end up here in a family bungalow on the outskirts or with older people who have grown too big since the children left the house. How much you have to do with your landlords here can be very different. Some just want to earn a little money with the rental income and otherwise leave you alone. Others want to bring life into the house with you and are happy when they have the company.

Own flat

The most expensive option, but especially for students with children and partner or anyone who has already worked before studying: their own apartment. Depending on where you study, luck may be required to find something nice at a good price, but in some places it works faster than you think.

Housing for help

In the meantime there are so-called “living for help” projects in many cities. The idea here is to bring together (usually older) people who need a little help in their household or garden and who can sublet rooms with students who can provide this help and thus get the room cheaper. There are also models where you can get your own room for contractually agreed work in residential facilities for the elderly or people with disabilities.

Finding an apartment can be tedious and frustrating. Especially in the metropolitan areas, people looking for a flat run into a lot of competition inexpensive apartments in a good location are quickly gone. But with a few good tips for finding an apartment, everyone can improve their chances of being accepted by the landlord.

Finding an apartment, competitors

If tenants are looking for a new apartment, they often have to prevail against many competitors. It helps to be equipped with good tips for finding an apartment.

Lots of competition, little offer

Especially in the big city, looking for an apartment is not a dream concert. However, there are some tips and tricks with which seekers can still find the perfect apartment and also secure the commitments of the broker or landlord. Here are the main ones

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