The following things you should avoid while you plan for your wardrobe designs [desain lemari pakaian, which is the term in Indonesian]:

  • Don’t throw away the lower area of your closet

It’s easy to focus on what’s taking place at eye-level in your wardrobe, including rails or cabinets, but a usually under-utilized location of a closet is that lower area. The floor is terrific as well as can be made use of for storing a couple of shoes, yet there’s so much a lot more you can do!

Using a stack of pull out footwear shelf is one of the top pointers for this room. Products like Flex Shop Shoe Rack takes up very little space, so you can have two or three rows of these without intruding on your hanging space. It stays clear of the inescapable footwear pile that can quickly build upon the ground, shielding your footwear, and better using this room.

Another idea you don’t usually see is to position to take out washing bags in this area. It assists in keeping your bedroom floor spick-and-span, while also arranging your clothing right into darks as well as lights to make your washing more effective. 

  • Don’t forget the inner sides of your cupboards or behind cupboard doors

One more top idea is to not forget the within your closet walls or behind the cupboard doors for those with doors that open up outwards. From layer hooks to wire baskets, there are lots of brilliant storage as well as organization products available to make this space work hardest for you.

So, if you are designing your new wardrobe, you have to be also careful about the space it is going to utilize. A custom-made new wardrobe will be a great choice for you.

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