It’s safe to say that smart phones have changed the way people live their daily lives to a large degree. Smart phones (and technology, in general) have also impacted a wide variety of industries in an immense way. The marketing and advertising industry has been affected perhaps more so than any other. No longer are traditional marketing techniques such as print, radio and television advertising considered to be the most effective available. Instead, mobile and internet advertising have all but taken over, and are considered by many to be representative of the future of the industry.

While mobile advertising may seem as if it is brand new, the fact is that the concept has been around since the inception of mobile phones. Applications, games and other downloadable content has been available since far before the smart phone, and advertisers have consistently done what they can in order to make use of the medium. With smart phones currently at the height of their popularity, there’s no better time to get involved.

Most of the advertising that makes use of mobile technology is done within certain applications, which usually results in a highly targeted advertising campaign. Since advertisers can tailor their ads specifically to an audience that would download a specific app, the advertising’s effectiveness is often considered to be extremely high. Since so many people are glued to their phones throughout the day, it’s no wonder why it works.

Mobile advertising isn’t the least expensive form of advertising out there, but most people agree that it is currently one of the most effective. While one may have to make a bit of an investment in the beginning, it will undoubtedly pay off so long as the advertising is done well and is effective. Mobile advertising is a great way to hone in on a specific audience of people, and is in many ways similar to television or print advertising in this way, yet much more effective since it is displayed front and center to the user. As technology advances, business practices change for just about every industry. For those who wish to stay on top of their game in marketing and advertising, embracing mobile advertising is an absolute must.

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