Troubled with long power cuts? We got a perfect solution for you. Long power cuts can disturb your entire work and routine. You can’t even do basic things when the powers are off. Without electricity, none of your appliances will work and the ones with batteries will run out soon. So you will be left with nothing but waiting for it to come back. It is nearly impossible to live without electricity at this age and that is why to save yourself from long power cuts you need to have an inverter charger for home.

Foxpower Prime color LCD display inverter charger

Importance of inverter charger

Not just for a home for your offices too, power cuts are even more hectic when they disrupt your work. These power cuts can results in huge loses. That is why to avoid such situations you need to have inverter chargers; Inverter chargers need to have inverter switches to make sure that inverter does not back-fed when the power is applied to the same line as inverter charger are connected to AC sources. Generally, inverter switches are of two types automatic and manual but it is better to have an inverter charger with auto-transfer switching

prime series color LCD display low frequency pure sine wave inverter charger

Different inverter chargers

Inverter charger with auto-transfer switching is perfect to supply surplus AC power to survive long power cuts. In areas where there are long power cuts and there is no time to charge off-grid inverter charger are best, they use solar panels which convert sunlight into direct current and then the inverter does the rest. Another popular use of these chargers is as Inverter charger RV. Where they are used to convert DC into AC power which is then used to run appliances in RV and maybe this is the reason why almost every RV has an RV power inverter charger


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