Instructions on how to check the ranking of the Website on google for keywords that are performing SEO. For professional SEO people, one of the things they care about is the keyword rankings or in other words, their Google ranking(อันดับ google which is the term in thai) in the top of search engines.

Check keyword rankings through Google itself

Does it sound strange? You can check the position of the keyword doing SEO to see if it is in the TOP of Google with its tool.

How to do it very quickly; the information shown can be used to check the keyword rankings with Google.

Check keyword position with SERP Position Tool

The biggest downside of this tool when checking rankings with is accuracy. Through testing many times, I found that you up and down its return results in 1 rank for the most accurate ranking. For example, if the result is TOP 6, the actual position of the keyword will be TOP 3.

Check keyword rankings with Google Rank Checker

SEOs who want to check keyword rankings can not help but bookmark this Website. Google Rank Checker is a great tool that we all have to use. No matter what SEO you are searching on Google, the results returned are very accurate, even absolute.

Check keyword rankings with Keyword Competition Checker

If you do not know how other SEO services, but you have to appreciate this tool in that it also helps you to compare the rankings of Websites on the same keyword to see which Website has a better position. Keyword Competition Checker supports both Google search engines and very accurate results. This helps you determine other websites are doing better than you and what to do about yours.

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