Today, legal provisions protect users, in particular by requiring locksmiths to display their prices clearly. The law obliges the latter to inform you of all of their rates before even making your decision. And as often, conflicts resulting from the intervention of a locksmith company result from the amount of the invoice, this obligation can help you make the right choice. You can also rely on word of mouth, following the advice of your neighbors and relatives, who can advise you the most recommendable local locksmith.

But it is not always easy, especially since the stressful situation in which you may find yourself can be an obstacle to the adoption of good reflexes. The rates of the locksmith are not the only criterion of choice. This is why, to help you cope with such situations, the insurance companies have also decided to help you with this selection. All insurances thus have approved and sometimes mandated locksmiths and these insurances can thus help you in your selection. You can Check this website for the best locksmiths in your area.

Locksmiths approved by insurance companies, the choice of serenity

When an insurance company mandates a locksmith, the latter will intervene directly with you under the responsibility of your insurance company. The latter therefore conducted all possible checks so that:

  • The intervention is as quick as possible with very short intervention times
  • The works carried out are in the state of the art
  • The intervention price is in line with market prices

When you read the list of locksmiths in Paris approved by your insurance, it is therefore serious and rigorous locksmiths, who are presented to you. Indeed, the main objective of your insurance company is to provide assistance and help in the most difficult times. Also, she will make every effort so that the locksmith of Paris 03 or that of Bordeaux can bring you complete satisfaction. It is therefore an essential criterion for your choice. When you are under the pressure of a locksmith emergency, rely on the list of these approved locksmiths to make your selection as peacefully as possible.

In case of Burglary

And in the event of a disaster, as with the intervention of your locksmith after a burglary for example, the approved locksmith also knows all the procedures, applied by insurance companies, and he can help you facilitate and speed up the handling of your file, which is also an additional reason for satisfaction.

As one of the best security devices, the multi-point lock will offer you a high quality level of security for your entry. It is indeed a real bulwark against burglaries and attempted break-ins thanks to its cogs and its truly reliable cylinder. Do not hesitate to choose this type of lock to close your entrance in the best conditions. Here is all you need to know about this type of lock in order to make a choice taking into account different factors.

What are the models of multi-point locks?

You should know that there are two models of multi-point lock on the market:

  • A model of multi-point lock with side locks which are placed on the bottom, or ink in the middle or on the top of your door.
  • A model of multi-point lock with vertical locks arranged on the top or bottom of your front door.

You will have to choose according to the operating mode of your door but also the aesthetics of your door. These two models are very reliable and offer complete security at your entrance. They are also very often used to equip armored doors to offer you flawless protection.

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