When it comes to affordable car insurance it’s always best to look around. Fortunately with modern technology, Android has made the search for affordable auto insurance easier than ever. It’s literally the click of a button with your smartphone or tablet. The options are endless. All of which offer the ability to pay your bill, get an insurance quote, file a claim, or chat with customer service.Below is an overview of the top five apps for Android. You can download these from the Google play store on any Android device.


Esurance allows you to print your insurance cards right from your phone app. It offers reasonable rates for drivers, who are new or experienced. It offers quotes for those looking for insurance, the ability to file a claim through the app directly, or over the phone with customer service representatives. Whether you are on the road or parked in the city whatever you need at the time, when it comes to insurance it’s all conveniently located in the mobile app, right at the touch of your fingertips.


Geico has been around for years. Known for fast service, great customer service, affordable rates that anyone can enjoy. The app allows for comparing prices, filing claims, bill pay, customer service chat, policy review and as the Esurance app, the ability to print your policy at the touch of a finger. They both offer the option to sign in with your fingerprint for security purposes.

State Farm

This app as well offers some of the features listed above as well as a few other perks. Items that help you maintain your safe driving record. They also offer incentives for maintaining this record. This too can also be found in the Google Play App. They also use their own representatives for the commercials they use to advertise with. 


This is an app that’s becoming more and more popular today with technology. It helps increase your credit score, can be used while driving, and offers an overview of your policy. It also has some of the features of the apps listed beforehand. Give it a go if you haven’t tried it already. You might surprise yourself. 


Another good app and company is Progressive. From great customer service to adding someone on a whim you can not only check your policy overview, print on demand, chat with customer service, pay your bill, get cashback, but you can also take it anywhere just as the other apps listed.


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