How do you know if your brand page on LinkedIn is working correctly? How do you know what you need to modify in your strategy in this social network? Should you pay attention to all this? So many questions! Luckily, this article is here to give you some ideas

Let’s review some metrics that you can get directly from Agorapulse and why it is essential to analyze them.

Growth Of Your Audience

Although the growth of followers is usually just a “vanity” metric, it does not mean you should ignore it completely. In the case of LinkedIn, an increase in the number of followers is a good indicator that your page is developing positively.

A stable number of new followers means that people are finding your page and that they like the content you post on it, so they decide to follow you. A significant increase in activity in your account or the number of your followers may mean that you have been mentioned by another larger account that caused more people to reach your page.

How Far Does Your Content Go?

First, what is the difference between reach and impressions? Reach refers to the unique number of people who have seen your content. Impress them, you mean the number of times that one of your posts has been shown on LinkedIn (maybe a person has seen it more than once). Why are these metrics important? Simply because the reach and impressions will tell you the number of accounts that have seen your updates on LinkedIn. With these figures, you can calculate your interaction rate (how many people have seen your content and reacted to it.

Knowing Your Audience

An essential point that you should not forget is the distribution of your audience. The age bracket, geographical location, and other relevant pieces of information. These strategies are used by various seo company in thailand.

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