As the technology is advancing, almost every aspect of the industries is seeing a paradigm shift. There were only a few segments of the industries where technological aspects were late to reach. But eventually technological advancements reached every corner in an industrial setup. The most recent advancement in the technology that has led to an enormous change in the whole sector is the introduction of Predictive maintenance system. Predictive Maintenance system uses machine learning and specified programming to predict where a fault is likely to occur in the future.

What is predictive maintenance system and how it works?

To understand how predictive maintenance system works first you will need to learn the workings of the preventive maintenance system. In the preventive maintenance system the manual workers surveyed the machines and find out the faulty parts. However in the predictive maintenance system the machines are programmed in such a way that they can predict the faults beforehand. The programming is incorporated on the machines by installing specialized chips. The predictive programming takes into account several factors. For example, the working hours, the working conditions, the parts which are more prone to be faulty, etc. With all these calculations the programme can easily predict where maintenance may be required. The main advantage of this technology is that it minimizes the time required for finding a fault. However, this particular technology does not have the level of advancement which is required to fix the problems. Human workers are still needed to take care of the maintenance work.

Learn more about predictive maintenance system

In Thailand most industries are now applying predictive maintenance system. It is particularly helpful for the manufacturing sector. As the technology helps in reducing the time required for finding and fixing a problem it is important that predictive maintenance system is applied in the manufacturing units. So if you are an industrialist and want to install these technologies then make sure to consult with a industrial technology solutions firm to gain a holistic knowledge.