When setting up an office, different types of office furniture is purchased and required. These can be tables, desks, counters, seats, storage compartment, etc. Everything has its use However, there is one such thing that is used the most in the office. It the seats that we use regularly. For such uses, one has to make sure that the seats purchased for an office needs to be comfortable, functional and should increase the efficiency of the employee. Such seats can be found in different materials such as wood, Good quality plastic, and metal. What one wants completely depends on the choice. However, most people nowadays select what matches the decor of their office. Let’s have a look at some of the types of chair used in the office.

Meeting room chairs for office

Meeting room chairs (เก้าอี้ห้องประชุม which is the term in thai) are very important and are most comfortable as they have a heavy cushion wrapped with PU leather or original leather. The finish of this chair is very professional as these are used by senior-level people in a meeting room. They are very well built and have a strong structure. They mainly include high-quality plastic and metal components in its build.

Executive chairs for office

Executive chairs can vary due to the person sitting over it and using it. For a normal employee, an executive chair will be made of entirely plastic providing flexibility and adjust for neck and back and fixed armrest. They are comfortable to work on for long hours. It also provides a decent cushion at the bottom. For someone at a higher position, it will be very strongly built and the style statement of the chair speaks for itself. With a strong cushion and strong built and adjustable function, it is one of the best office chairs.