All well and good, but where do you get the daily ration of fresh knowledge? Good that we read here. Because I’ve just put together seven options for you.

  1. Blogs And Online Magazines

In the meantime, there is a blog or magazine for every niche that is so small that reports on your area of ​​expertise. Here you should keep up to date with the latest news and trends. Often blogs also offer a newsletter.

  1. Videos

Look out for YouTube. Some creators do not make-up in front of the camera, but entertain, inspiring and communicating knowledge.

  1. Podcasts

Unlike videos, podcasts are the ideal way to absorb knowledge to go. Although I know that for a long time, but admittedly it just came back to me now; it will be nice for my administrative care for line@ (แอดมินดูแลไลน์แอด which is the term in Thai).

  1. Books & magazines

Yes, something as quaint as it should be. The great thing is: Almost all magazines and books are also available as a digital version for smartphones, tablets, notebooks or Kindle.

But there is also a lot of stuff for your area of ​​expertise, for example, design or PR. Incidentally, books – whether printed or as an e-book – are almost my favourite of all options.

  1. Courses & Seminars

Here we come to a point where I have to tell you: learning must be worth something. While blogs, podcasts and videos usually cost nothing, this is changing a bit in magazines and books. But with courses and seminars, you have to spend more money – mostly.

  1. Events

If it is not meant to be an intensive seminar or an entire course, then visit one or the other event. There are always events that inspire and help you.

  1. Talks

Yes, I also understand conversations with one or more people as learning, if you are not talking about the dress of the last celebrity wedding which you used to Get Facebook Likes (รับปั้มไลค์ facebook which is the term in Thai).